Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What have you done today?

I am a big fan of the show The Biggest Loser. Maybe even obsessed.. I do have a lot of the past contestants on my facebook friends list.

This season is the "biggest" season yet as they have some of the biggest contestants ever on the show. Including a 19 yr old who was over 400lbs to start, and also some of the heaviest woman who out weighed a lot of the men who have been on past seasons.

My favourites so far are Flipe, Tara and Kristen. I was really pulling for Daniel the overweight teenager but he was eliminated on tonights episode. When they showed how he looks today he has already lost over 100lbs.. even though he still has a long way to go that is an amazing improvement. Just the struggles he had to overcome to workout for hrs a day and the dedication is an inspiration. At only 19 who knows where he would have been in 10yrs or even 5.

So I will try to post my weekly thoughts about The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights.


Matthew said...

I like Flipe that you how you spell his name? He gets quite excited when he does well during the weigh-in LOL.

Jamie said...

well there should be an accent over the E hehe