Sunday, February 15, 2009

If you are wondering how the wedding planning is going..

Our stag and doe is approaching really fast. I was really stressed out about it but now i am starting to feel more excited then anything. After having the wedding party over to discuss everything and hand out tasks i feel i have a good grasp on the whole thing.

A couple stresses concerning it still are door prizes and a couple prizes for games we are playing. I know i want to get gift cards and think i should get at least 3 for door prizes, and then 2 more for games. So that adds up.. with Matt not working right now its just stressfull.
Everything else though is taken care of... food, games, alcohol.. the main stuff!

The fine details for the wedding are coming together too. Today I got an email with a sample of our wedding invitations. I loved it.. so we gave our OK for her to get started on them! Also i received a call from the lady altering my dress that it is ready for me to try on. She is going to come over on Thursday the 26th for me to try it on! She lives an hr away but was going to be in my city that day so we agreed for her to come to my place.

The first time she took my measurements was at my house too. It was pretty funny actually, she was on the floor trying to pin my dress with both dogs licking her face lol. At the same time Zeus had tangled himself in her measuring tape and was happily rolling in it. Luckily she is an animal person and thought the whole thing was rather funny... lol good thing.

Other then that I have made appointments for hair, nails and makeup finally! Feels good to have those things set in stone. Really it was just a matter of calling them but I tend to forget things or when I do remember its 10pm at night or Sunday afternoon.

We have an appointment the Friday before the stag and doe to finally meet with Karen our decorator! It will be nice to meet with her and have a vision of what our day will look like. Since we are having our ceremony in the hall we are also having the reception in.. it means the tables will be set up so we will need to be creative with seating for the ceremony.

All of the bridesmaid dresses are in! They are just working on getting them altered now.. so that's exciting. Sue sent me a picture of her wearing the dress.. its really pretty. (still would have preferred the shorter version lol)Matt needs to get going now on choosing tuxes for the guys. They are lucky that way they can wait until about 5 weeks before the wedding. But I want him to get started on that just so its out of the way.

OH and my mom is going to bottle wine on the 24th of Feb! We have our label designed :)

Other then that I am mainly focusing on the stag and doe for now. Once that is over I will have to start getting every ones addresses for the invitations, get favours made up, oh and probably 50 million other little things.

I'm really excited and happy to be getting married but, I would be lying if I said I wont be happy when its all over LOL. Matt getting laid off definitely didn't help the cause but we are managing and I know things will turn out OK :)


Lindsay said...

Congratulations Jamie,I wish you all the best for your married life and hope you will be as happy as my hubby and I are.