Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I havn't posted in so long. The wedding went off without a hitch... it was a beautiful day and I could not be happier about that :) We don't have our pictures back yet unfortunatly but they should be arriving soon!

We found out on May 24th (the day AFTER the wedding) that we are expecting our first baby!! We had decided to start trying and were surprised with how fast it happend lol. Today I am 9 weeks/3day. I had an ultra sound a few days ago to make sure the baby was healthy due to some complications I have been having. Everything looked great and I have been doing much better with my symptoms. Actually my nausia has kicked in full force this week, and as annoying as that is... I am looking at it as a pregnancy symptom so Im greatful!

My next appointment is my 12 week appointment July 17th, and my due date is Jan 30th 2010!!